It’s been a little over a month since I’ve graduated already. Boy where does the time go? So far, I’ve made a few dresses, styled a photo shoot, planned a few more photo shoots, and took on a collaboration project with a classmate/friend from CSULA. It’s been exciting but I’m really missing some structure and desperately needing a steady income. Welcome to adulthood!

Every day so far has been my own schedule and I’m itching for routine. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE being my own boss. Waking up and working at 3am because I randomly got inspiration from a dream. Taking a nap because I decided to stay up late. And did I mention, I don’t have to look decent ALL the time. Ironic coming from a clothing designer. I know! But, I do feel the need to learn from someone with more experience and wisdom. So, I’ll be sending out resumes in hopes of a reply. I have a lot to offer, and there’s a lot I want to learn. I just need that person to take me under their wing!

~Kelsey Sherri

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