Before 25

The month of August is filled with birthdays in my family. Every week is someone’s birthday. Every year after the August Before 25rush is over, we wait until the rush of Fall/Winter birthdays begins, which starts with mine.

My birthday is in October and this is the first time I’m overwhelmed with getting older. I guess as they say, after you turn 21 there isn’t much to look forward to as far as birthday numbers. Well there is 25 when you can rent cars and 55 when you start getting senior citizen discounts. Yay for discounts. Other than that, birthdays tend to be reminds of how fast we’re getting older and how far we are from where we planned to be.

Sorry I didn’t mean to get sour! I’m trying to think of this as a reminder to work hard and enjoy life! Our birthdays are what we make of it and I do feel they should be celebrated. So I created a list of things I want to do before I reach 25.
These are personal goals, not career goals. That’s a whole other topic. Hopefully I can cross everything off this list. I’ll probably add more things depending on the speed I’m able to complete it.

Run a 5K

I’ve always wanted to run a 5K either for breast cancer or Aids but I’ve never been confident enough in myself. Even in my most in shape days playing soccer in high school, never had the guts to do it because I thought you had to be an athlete to do those things. But I started looking into it and anyone can do these run/walks. It’s not about the person running. It’s about raising awareness and money for advancement. Before 25

New York

If I haven’t mentioned it by now, I will say it now. I really REALLY want to live in New York. But this goal of living in New York would only be realistic if I could find work to support myself out there. But until then, I will be more than happy with a week long visit!Before 25

One International Trip

I love to travel, but travelling requires money, and being fresh out of college, that tends to be lacking. However, I do think within the next two years and a sweet deal from Groupon, I can gather up a few friends to travel overseas. Possibly Venice, Paris, London, Barcelona, Tokyo, Argentina, or the Bahamas, just to name a few.Before 25

Get Healthier

This is more of a lifetime goal than a be done by 25 goal. It’s a constant struggle being healthy in America. But I know how strongly the things I put into my body affects the way my body performs and feels. It’s as simple as grabbing an apple instead of chips. Or eating a half of a bagel instead of a whole one. It’ll probably always be a struggle for me but it’s important to me to continue fighting for a healthier lifestyle.Before 25

Road Trip

Have you seen Crossroads? The one with Britney Spears, Zoe Saldana, and Taryn Manning. That has been one of my favorite movies. I loved the friendship and adventure. Three girls and a guy who grow closer together as they travel across the states to California. Well, since I’m from California, I’d have to choose a different location to travel to. But regardless, it’s the memories that I’m looking for. That unbreakable bond that’s created when people spend so many hours together. Which brings me to my next goal.

Before 25

48hr Adventure

I want to have a “The Hangover” type of adventure, without the blackout, cops, jail, drugs, and tattoo on the face. An epic 48 hours of nonstop adventure, partying, and fun. I say no blackouts because I want to remember it, no cops because I don’t want to go to jail, no jail because I don’t want to go to jail, no drugs because I don’t want to go to jail and no tattoo on my face because well, really? But I do want an epic 48 hours with very little to no sleep. Maybe I do this for my 24th birthday.Before 25

Buy a Condo

Ok let’s bring it back to responsibility land. I definitely want to own a condo before I’m 25. I think this is very reasonable. I just need to decide which coast of the U.S. I’ll be on.Before 25


For my 25th birthday, I’ve decided I’m going to go skydiving. Jumping out of a plane skydiving. That’s going to be awesome!Before 25

I would love to hear back from you guys. Should I add anything to my list? If so, what should it be? Let me know what you think!

~Kelsey Sherri

Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted

Hi everyone. I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning in the end of summer. My closet is too full of clothing I don’t use, haven’t used, and can’t use. I wanted to do a garage sale but I’m not sure how to go about it. Then I remembered someone telling me a while ago that they sell and buy used clothes through apps on their phone. So I went to google and did a little research. I’m giving it a try guys.Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted

I have listings on two apps, Poshmark and Vinted, only because I’m new to this and don’t know which one gets the most traffic. So far I’ve noticed they are pretty similar. They both have an instagram feel to it. Square shared photos with a following, commenting, liking, and sharing platform. But I’ve noticed on Poshmark, you gain a lot of followers quickly but on Vinted you get more favorites (likes). I’ve only had my account for two days and so far the only action I’ve gotten on Poshmark is followers. Maybe my photos aren’t good enough or my descriptions aren’t adequate, but somehow I’m still getting followers. Tell me. Are my photos bad? I even made a backdrop out of an old curtain! Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. VintedOn Vinted I made my first sale, which is more important to me than followers on these app. A few other things…

1. Navigation

I like the layout of Vinted more than Poshmark. It’s easy to navigate and gives you the option to upload your listing on the computer, a feature Poshmark so desperately needs. I get that it’s supposed to be convenient working from your phone, but there are some things that just needs to be done on a computer with a keyboard and larger screen.

Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted

2. Labels
I’ve noticed Poshmark is a little more geared towards name brands: Coach, Chanel, Michael Kors etc.. Which isn’t a bad thing, unless you don’t have many name brands to sell. This could be why I’m not getting too much attention on Poshmark. A lot of my clothing I’m selling aren’t from high labels. Vinted doesn’t discriminate. They have everything up there. Companies I wouldn’t expect to be up there are listed and if some rear case it’s not, you can physically type it in or choose to list without the name of the label.

Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted

3. Pricing

I must say the one thing I absolutely love about both Poshmark and Vinted is the pricing. Yes these are used goods but you are the one making the choice to buy or walk away. As I mentioned before there are many name bands on these sites and they are dirt cheap! Why hasn’t anyone introduced this way of shopping to me before? I’m so new to thrifting! And I think I found a new love! I mean who could pass up a $40 Michael Kors bag? Who cares if it was last season! It’s $40! And the shoes! Oh the shoes! Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell, Jimmy Choo! Oh no! This may be the start of a shopping spree!
Both of these sites have this pros and cons, but they definitely opened my eyes to a new way of shopping. These sites would actually be beneficial to building my styling career as well. That’s always a plus.

Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted If you guys want to “shop my closet” or even if you just want to be nosey feel free! I would greatly appreciate it!
Click on the name for the corresponding closet: Vinted and Poshmark. Or if you already have the app or want to visit through your phone, my name is @kelseysherri


~Kelsey Sherri

Thank you!!

No post this week. Ahh please don’t be mad at me! I’ve been thinking about writing like crazy but didn’t get a chance to actually do it. I’ve noticed I’m beginning to have an audience and I have to say thank you all so much for following, reading, liking, and commenting!! It really means a lot to me. I started this blog as a way to keep up my writing and share with the world my life experiences. I had no idea people would actually be reading it! So I am so happy and thankful to know that you guys are out there!

My Trip to Barbados–Nightlife

There’s this place called “The Gap” in Barbados. It’s on the south side of the island. It’s a strip of bars and clubs on one side of the street and hotels line the other side of the street. We went there twice on two separate nights and both nights were so much fun.

Photo Cred:
Photo Cred:

The first night we went there, we went to a club called The Cove. It had two separate areas. The front was a bit of a lounge that had seats outside under tents and umbrellas. As you walk through the hallway, the music gets louder and you spill out into this pretty large room with a stage, bar and a pool table. There were places to sit, places to stand, and places to dance. From the outside, it didn’t seem like all of that space was inside. We settled in a spot next to the stairs that looked over the dance floor and was bordered with cushion seating along the walls. It was similar to a large patio. There was no ceiling at that spot which was great because we were able to get fresh air while still feeling like we were inside of the club.

The music was interesting that night though. Definitely not what I was expecting. They were playing hip hop music which Straight Outta Where?was weird for me because it was crop over season in Barbados. I was expecting soca music not hip hop. I kept forgetting I wasn’t in LA. THey were playing some old school hip hop too, like if they had a premiere for the Straight Outta Compton movie. I was a little confused. So, that was a good time to get a drink.

I was there with my cousins, aunty, mom and dad, uncle and his wife and her sister and friend. There were quite a few of us. Between my uncle, dad, and one of my cousins, we had drinks to go around. I asked for a margarita. Nothing to crazy. I WAS with my parents.

Even though I wasn’t planning to drink much, that margarita they made was SMALL.My Trip to Barbados--Nightlife I’ve never had a margarita that small in my life! (Like if I’ve been drinking for so many years.)

It didn’t matter though because they finally started playing music I WANTED to dance to. It also started to rain. Remember I said the area we settled down in didn’t have a roof? Well, no roof plus rain makes the funnest night of dancing in the rain, inside of a club, ever! I’ve never had the chance to dance in the rain. It’s not like we get much rain in Southern California to dance in anyway. So this was definitely an experience for me. Everyone ran for shelter, but me and my cousins stayed in the rain and danced every song that played. It was a pretty good shower too, we were soaked.

The other night we went to The Gap, we went to a karaoke bar. If you’ve been to one you’ve been to all. You have your good singers, your bad singers, your entertaining singers, your bad singers who think they are good singers, your singers who don’t know the words even though it’s right on the screen in front of them and your drunk slurring and swaying singers. Needless to say, it was pure entertainment. Anyone who can get up there and sing in front of all those judging people regardless of where you land in that list of singers, you are the real MVP. I couldn’t do it! Not a crowd that size.My Trip to Barbados--Nightlife

That night my cousin told me I had to drink something other than a margarita. I had to either drink a beer or a “real” drink. So I chose to drink a rum punch. It was pretty good. Much stronger than the margarita but it was sweet.

The rain came down and as usual, cleared out everyone in sight. People ran under the tent of the bar, and some went to the patio on the side.  Once the rain held up, all the chairs were soaked. We ended up moving from the karaoke bar back to the same club we went before. We went to the dance floor this time, because none of us wanted to get wet. I won’t go into detail about our dancing that night. I’ll just say I had so much fun with my cousins in Barbados.
~Kelsey Sherri

My Trip to Barbados–The Ocean!

I should really continue to talk about my trip to Barbados before I have another trip I need to talk about! This is the second part of my blog entries about my trip to Barbados.

I’ve been home for a few days already, trying to get back on Los Angeles time. I’ve been sleeping and unpacking but mostly sleeping these past days. We always need a vacation after our vacation!

Barbados Almond Beach
Almond Beach, Barbados, WI

So, Barbados, one thing that I really enjoyed and I really miss right now is the water! The ocean is beautiful. It really does look like the movies and pictures they use for tropical advertising. The water is so clear even at 4 feet deep you can see your feet. As I said in my previous blog post, I recently learned how to swim and I’m just getting comfortable in the water. But for some reason I wasn’t scared in the ocean out there. It could be because the waves were nonexistent in the area we swam. So I tried to think of it as an endless pool with salt water.

I think I was overcoming my fear more and more every time I got in the sea. Because guess what guys?! I finally taught myself how to float. I’ve been too scared to even be in water much less let it lift me up and take complete control of my body. But, it happened. After a few tries, I lifted up and started to float. While floating on my back, I also taught myself how to swim backwards and how to swim on my side. I can swim all over the place now! Go Kelsey! Now I just have to

Floating in Barbados at Almond Beach
Floating in Barbados at Almond Beach 

go passed five feet!

The water is so warm out there. It’s true. I felt it for myself. But it’s not a jacuzzi warm that makes you sweat. I used to think, “why would people want to swim in warm water, especially since it’s usually hot on the days people generally go to the beach? Wouldn’t you get sweaty?” No! I’m here to tell you that the water although it’s warmer, it’s a cooling warm. The water feels like silk chiffon wrapped around your body loose enough to move freely but tight enough to feel its existence. That water is amazing!

Funny thing is, the people out there think the water is cold when you first walk in, especially if it’s raining. Yes the water got a little chill but because the water I’m used to is freezing, that little chill was still warm. They should feel the freezing water along California’s coast. Wait no! They should feel the water at Lake Tahoe! Now THAT’S cold water!

Almond Beach, Barbados, WIOne of my trips to the beach, my uncle brought snorkeling gear and let me give it a try. I couldn’t get the mouthpiece right so I ditched it and just held my breath. I dove to the bottom (of that deep 5ft water) and saw a bed of unusual shells, rocks, and a few fish. I couldn’t believe I was diving under the ocean water, looking at the ground of rocks almost 3000 miles away from my home. It was a bit surreal. I got to take a dip, or as they say it, bathe the sea, in that beautiful Bajan ocean!

~Kelsey Sherri

What is My Dream Telling Me?

Dreams are something that I think we should pay more attention to. It’s our true self talking when we stop controlling our thoughts. It’s our subconscious making a presence. It speaks what we’re too afraid, too blind, or too ignorant to see. I listen to my dreams, well the ones that I can remember, especially the ones that I can’t stop thinking about. Sometimes they don’t make any sense. Sometimes they’re very vivid, but they are worth the dissection.

Listening to my Dreams

A couple nights ago, I had a dream that really stayed with me, well after I woke up. I dreamed that I was at a water park in line for one of the rides. I was by myself holding one of the tubes you slide down with. It seemed like the line would never end as we kept inching slowly to the top. At some point in the stair climbing, I didn’t have my tube anymore. I was empty-handed and tired. I kept climbing even though I didn’t know where I was going. The dream switched up again changing the tube ride to a monster single ride where you cross your hands over your chest. It had loops and twists, sharp turns and black out spots. I was scared. I didn’t sign up for that! If you know me personally (which you will get a sense of me through my blog) I am terrified of deep water. I just recently got over my fear of swimming in general this past year or so (that’s a story in itself). So any funky water park ride like the one in this dream, I would NEVER get on.

Back to the dream, I finally got to the top of the stairs and it was my turn to slide down. I couldn’t see the bottom. My knees started shaking and my stomach swirled in circles. Somehow I ended up being the only person up there. No other riders. No ride employees. Just me pacing back and forth on that wooden platform in the sky. I held on to the railing standing in front of the mouth of the slide. My heart was in my ears. I could feel every ounce of hot blood running through me. I could hear each breath forced through my lungs. I sat down, crossed my arms over my chest, gripping both shoulders tightly. I placed my head back on to the slide, closed my eyes, and held my breath. Something or someone tapped my shoulders, just enough to send me flying down the slide, except, the slide disappeared from under me. I was falling from the sky. My body jolted so strongly that I woke up instantly in a panic.

Why was I so scared? I was scared to go up the slide and I was scared to come down. Why did the slide disappear? What pushed me? Why did that fall make me feel out of control instead of free of restriction?

I can’t really answer these questions but I definitely know there’s something I’m doing or something that’s happening that is making me feel uneasy. Maybe it’s fear of adulthood. I just graduated from college. Maybe I’m subconsciously worried about finding a job. Maybe I’m nervous about moving. I plan to move out of my parents house eventually. I mean that is the next step, right? Regardless, moving  is a big step and can bring a little anxiety. A lot of new things are happening right now and I’m going to take this dream as a call to relax.

Note to self: Everything is going to be OK!

~Kelsey Sherri