My Trip to Barbados–The Ocean!

I should really continue to talk about my trip to Barbados before I have another trip I need to talk about! This is the second part of my blog entries about my trip to Barbados.

I’ve been home for a few days already, trying to get back on Los Angeles time. I’ve been sleeping and unpacking but mostly sleeping these past days. We always need a vacation after our vacation!

Barbados Almond Beach
Almond Beach, Barbados, WI

So, Barbados, one thing that I really enjoyed and I really miss right now is the water! The ocean is beautiful. It really does look like the movies and pictures they use for tropical advertising. The water is so clear even at 4 feet deep you can see your feet. As I said in my previous blog post, I recently learned how to swim and I’m just getting comfortable in the water. But for some reason I wasn’t scared in the ocean out there. It could be because the waves were nonexistent in the area we swam. So I tried to think of it as an endless pool with salt water.

I think I was overcoming my fear more and more every time I got in the sea. Because guess what guys?! I finally taught myself how to float. I’ve been too scared to even be in water much less let it lift me up and take complete control of my body. But, it happened. After a few tries, I lifted up and started to float. While floating on my back, I also taught myself how to swim backwards and how to swim on my side. I can swim all over the place now! Go Kelsey! Now I just have to

Floating in Barbados at Almond Beach
Floating in Barbados at Almond Beach 

go passed five feet!

The water is so warm out there. It’s true. I felt it for myself. But it’s not a jacuzzi warm that makes you sweat. I used to think, “why would people want to swim in warm water, especially since it’s usually hot on the days people generally go to the beach? Wouldn’t you get sweaty?” No! I’m here to tell you that the water although it’s warmer, it’s a cooling warm. The water feels like silk chiffon wrapped around your body loose enough to move freely but tight enough to feel its existence. That water is amazing!

Funny thing is, the people out there think the water is cold when you first walk in, especially if it’s raining. Yes the water got a little chill but because the water I’m used to is freezing, that little chill was still warm. They should feel the freezing water along California’s coast. Wait no! They should feel the water at Lake Tahoe! Now THAT’S cold water!

Almond Beach, Barbados, WIOne of my trips to the beach, my uncle brought snorkeling gear and let me give it a try. I couldn’t get the mouthpiece right so I ditched it and just held my breath. I dove to the bottom (of that deep 5ft water) and saw a bed of unusual shells, rocks, and a few fish. I couldn’t believe I was diving under the ocean water, looking at the ground of rocks almost 3000 miles away from my home. It was a bit surreal. I got to take a dip, or as they say it, bathe the sea, in that beautiful Bajan ocean!

~Kelsey Sherri

9 thoughts on “My Trip to Barbados–The Ocean!”

  1. I haven’t been to Barbados before but it looks great! Traveled a bit throughout the Caribbean but have yet to stop there. Looks like I may want to! Congrats on graduation by the way. Funny how plans change while at school. Mine did too! A few times! Good luck in the career! Sounds as if you’re off to a good start.


      1. Actually, I switched several majors before settling and graduating in accounting. Went back to school later for occupational therapy. I’ve been to Jamaica, us Virgin Islands, Bahamas. Almost went to St Lucia for our honeymoon but didn’t.


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