My Trip to Barbados–Nightlife

There’s this place called “The Gap” in Barbados. It’s on the south side of the island. It’s a strip of bars and clubs on one side of the street and hotels line the other side of the street. We went there twice on two separate nights and both nights were so much fun.

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The first night we went there, we went to a club called The Cove. It had two separate areas. The front was a bit of a lounge that had seats outside under tents and umbrellas. As you walk through the hallway, the music gets louder and you spill out into this pretty large room with a stage, bar and a pool table. There were places to sit, places to stand, and places to dance. From the outside, it didn’t seem like all of that space was inside. We settled in a spot next to the stairs that looked over the dance floor and was bordered with cushion seating along the walls. It was similar to a large patio. There was no ceiling at that spot which was great because we were able to get fresh air while still feeling like we were inside of the club.

The music was interesting that night though. Definitely not what I was expecting. They were playing hip hop music which Straight Outta Where?was weird for me because it was crop over season in Barbados. I was expecting soca music not hip hop. I kept forgetting I wasn’t in LA. THey were playing some old school hip hop too, like if they had a premiere for the Straight Outta Compton movie. I was a little confused. So, that was a good time to get a drink.

I was there with my cousins, aunty, mom and dad, uncle and his wife and her sister and friend. There were quite a few of us. Between my uncle, dad, and one of my cousins, we had drinks to go around. I asked for a margarita. Nothing to crazy. I WAS with my parents.

Even though I wasn’t planning to drink much, that margarita they made was SMALL.My Trip to Barbados--Nightlife I’ve never had a margarita that small in my life! (Like if I’ve been drinking for so many years.)

It didn’t matter though because they finally started playing music I WANTED to dance to. It also started to rain. Remember I said the area we settled down in didn’t have a roof? Well, no roof plus rain makes the funnest night of dancing in the rain, inside of a club, ever! I’ve never had the chance to dance in the rain. It’s not like we get much rain in Southern California to dance in anyway. So this was definitely an experience for me. Everyone ran for shelter, but me and my cousins stayed in the rain and danced every song that played. It was a pretty good shower too, we were soaked.

The other night we went to The Gap, we went to a karaoke bar. If you’ve been to one you’ve been to all. You have your good singers, your bad singers, your entertaining singers, your bad singers who think they are good singers, your singers who don’t know the words even though it’s right on the screen in front of them and your drunk slurring and swaying singers. Needless to say, it was pure entertainment. Anyone who can get up there and sing in front of all those judging people regardless of where you land in that list of singers, you are the real MVP. I couldn’t do it! Not a crowd that size.My Trip to Barbados--Nightlife

That night my cousin told me I had to drink something other than a margarita. I had to either drink a beer or a “real” drink. So I chose to drink a rum punch. It was pretty good. Much stronger than the margarita but it was sweet.

The rain came down and as usual, cleared out everyone in sight. People ran under the tent of the bar, and some went to the patio on the side.  Once the rain held up, all the chairs were soaked. We ended up moving from the karaoke bar back to the same club we went before. We went to the dance floor this time, because none of us wanted to get wet. I won’t go into detail about our dancing that night. I’ll just say I had so much fun with my cousins in Barbados.
~Kelsey Sherri

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    1. Thanks! Nice! Some places to visit in Barbados for nightlife are The Gap and Oistins. I’m going to write another post about a tour I went on as well. Hopefully I’ll get it posted within the next few days. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading!

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