Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted

Hi everyone. I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning in the end of summer. My closet is too full of clothing I don’t use, haven’t used, and can’t use. I wanted to do a garage sale but I’m not sure how to go about it. Then I remembered someone telling me a while ago that they sell and buy used clothes through apps on their phone. So I went to google and did a little research. I’m giving it a try guys.Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted

I have listings on two apps, Poshmark and Vinted, only because I’m new to this and don’t know which one gets the most traffic. So far I’ve noticed they are pretty similar. They both have an instagram feel to it. Square shared photos with a following, commenting, liking, and sharing platform. But I’ve noticed on Poshmark, you gain a lot of followers quickly but on Vinted you get more favorites (likes). I’ve only had my account for two days and so far the only action I’ve gotten on Poshmark is followers. Maybe my photos aren’t good enough or my descriptions aren’t adequate, but somehow I’m still getting followers. Tell me. Are my photos bad? I even made a backdrop out of an old curtain! Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. VintedOn Vinted I made my first sale, which is more important to me than followers on these app. A few other things…

1. Navigation

I like the layout of Vinted more than Poshmark. It’s easy to navigate and gives you the option to upload your listing on the computer, a feature Poshmark so desperately needs. I get that it’s supposed to be convenient working from your phone, but there are some things that just needs to be done on a computer with a keyboard and larger screen.

Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted

2. Labels
I’ve noticed Poshmark is a little more geared towards name brands: Coach, Chanel, Michael Kors etc.. Which isn’t a bad thing, unless you don’t have many name brands to sell. This could be why I’m not getting too much attention on Poshmark. A lot of my clothing I’m selling aren’t from high labels. Vinted doesn’t discriminate. They have everything up there. Companies I wouldn’t expect to be up there are listed and if some rear case it’s not, you can physically type it in or choose to list without the name of the label.

Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted

3. Pricing

I must say the one thing I absolutely love about both Poshmark and Vinted is the pricing. Yes these are used goods but you are the one making the choice to buy or walk away. As I mentioned before there are many name bands on these sites and they are dirt cheap! Why hasn’t anyone introduced this way of shopping to me before? I’m so new to thrifting! And I think I found a new love! I mean who could pass up a $40 Michael Kors bag? Who cares if it was last season! It’s $40! And the shoes! Oh the shoes! Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell, Jimmy Choo! Oh no! This may be the start of a shopping spree!
Both of these sites have this pros and cons, but they definitely opened my eyes to a new way of shopping. These sites would actually be beneficial to building my styling career as well. That’s always a plus.

Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted If you guys want to “shop my closet” or even if you just want to be nosey feel free! I would greatly appreciate it!
Click on the name for the corresponding closet: Vinted and Poshmark. Or if you already have the app or want to visit through your phone, my name is @kelseysherri


~Kelsey Sherri

5 thoughts on “Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted”

  1. Hey, I’ve been on Poshmark for almost 2 years now, and it has taken a LONG time for me to get much traffic, lol! I think there are a few reasons. I typically only carry 45-85 items in my closet, which discourages bundling, I have nothing that is designer or terribly high end, and possibly most important — buyers are fickle! A really handy guide that I use is the blog at She is another Posher who knows the ins and outs of selling successfully on PM. I really liked your post, since I was looking for some advice about listing items on Vinted. And, your pictures are probably just fine. My biggest pet peeve with photos is when the Posher only includes one photo in the listing, and photos that are blurry or have bad lighting. The important thing is to make your closet your own and not worry about how “stylish” it is. I am going to see if I can find and follow you on PM. Best of luck!

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    1. Thank you! I haven’t been on vinted and ppshmark for some time now. I kind of gave up on them lol. But I’ll take a look at that blog. I feel the same way. The clothes I’m selling aren’t designer but even the designer ones aren’t selling. Thanks for the help though! Good luck to you too!

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    1. Wow that’s impressive. I’ve gotten some comments since this post but still all my buys are on my vinted account. But I will do the parties now. Hopefuly that’ll help. Thanks for your help!! Good luck to you too.


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