5 Things I Try to do Everyday: Health Edition

I tried thinking of 5 things I try to do everyday and the list is a lot longer than five. So I thought, I’d focus on five things I try to do everyday to keep myself healthy.

5 Things I Try To Do Everyday

Smiling and laughing, even if you’re not actually happy can make your overall mood a little more pleasant. I want you to try it right now. Go look in the mirror, or stay where you are and smile. Feel how your entire face lifts up?Your eyes brighten, your cheeks flex. Now I want you to laugh. Go ahead! Laugh to yourself. Laugh louder! Breathe deeply and laugh from your diaphragm. Do you feel that? Side comment: have you ever heard a laugh that was funnier than the joke and you started laughing uncontrollably and the person’s like, “It wasn’t that funny.”? That’s how I want you to laugh! It may feel silly at first but after you hear yourself laughing, you might start laughing more! And, I guarantee you’ll feel happier!


5 Things I Try To Do Everyday

I try so very hard to take my vitamins everyday, especially since I’m growing my hair out now. (That’s a whole other topic!) When I was a child, my mom always made me take my vitamins. She would tell me eat my carrots for my eyes and drink milk for my bones, but when it came to those disgusting vitamins I had to take everyday, UGHHHH, I hated it! But as an adult, I see why it’s so important to take your vitamins, especially since our eating isn’t always up to par. But to this day, I can’t handle the taste of vitamins, so I take the adult gummies from Costco. They taste like gummy bears.

Moisturize hair 

 5 Things I Try To Do Everyday 5 Things I Try To Do Everyday

I chopped off my hair in March of 2015 because I just didn’t have time to twist up my hair every night and work hours on my senior project. I didn’t even have time to sleep! I also just wanted a completely new look so, I did some research on natural shops, because not every hair salon knows how to work with my tightly coiled 4c hair, and got my hair cut. I loved the cut. I even splashed it up with some spray color from Jerome Russell in purple, blue, and red. Here’s a link to the company. http://jeromerussell.com/. Their temporary hair color sprays are amazing! I got mine from Walgreens for $4-$6. I love my hair cut, but I miss my hair. So, I’m growing it back out and to do that healthily, I have to make sure I moisturize it every day.


5 Things I Try To Do Everyday

Drinking water in this hot desert hasn’t been much of a problem these past months for me. But I do try to monitor how much I’m actually drinking. They say to drink 64 ounces a day. I try to drink at least ¾ of that, 48 ounces, which is three, 16 oz. bottles of water a day. Sometimes I drink more, especially in these hot climates southern California has been having lately, but I try to have at very least 3 bottles. Don’t worry, I recycle!


5 Things I Try To Do Everyday

I know you guys were expecting this one and that’s why I saved it for last. I’ll be honest with you though, this is the one I most likely say, “Ohh, I’ll do it in the morning” and never do. I have my moments though. Sometimes I faithfully run/walk to the beach every evening. Sometimes I faithfully do 20 minutes of circuit type training at home with sit ups, jumping jacks, push ups, etc.. But most days, I exercise my hand and mouth coordination with eating food! It’s soo hard guys! Now I want to do some squats! I’ll do some stretching tonight for sure! Haha I’ll get it together, eventually!
I’m always open to suggestions about topics! Next post will be October 6th. 5 Things That Annoy Me!
~Kelsey Sherri

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My World of Fashion

Sometimes I wish there were five of me. I get myself so busy that I think about getting an assistant. But am I really assistant status yet? When do you know you’re busy enough or worthy of an assistant. I’d like to think I’m a humble person and I really don’t like asking for help, so I think I’d have to be pulling out my hair before I actually admit and allow myself to get help. I’m not complaining though. I LOVE what I’m doing. I love being a part of things, planning and working towards something.

Right now, I’m spending my days planning a fashion show with Juslisten TV that will be held at Cal State Long Beach in mid October. I’m also planning a photoshoot with them. On the other hand I’m planning a photoshoot and walk through with a classmate of mine. We are building a foundation for ourselves and promoting ourselves as designers.My World of Fashion

Last week, I signed up with an agency in Santa Monica for styling jobs, designing jobs, and event planning jobs. As busy as I am, I still really need a steady income.

But these photoshoots!! I’m so excited!!  They are going to be epic! I’ll keep you all updated on that. In the meantime, I will be sending out emails to models, makeup artists, hair stylist, and photographers for my upcoming shoots and shows. If any of you are interested or know someone who would be and are in Los Angeles County, feel free to contact me. Thanks!
~ Kelsey Sherri

5 Random Things You Wouldn’t Know About Me Unless You Asked

Hey guys! So I promised in my last post, 5 Random…Fill in the Blank, that I would post five random things related to me every other Tuesday. Each post would have a different topic. Here is my first one!

Five Random Things You Wouldn't Know About Me Unless You Asked

1. I am absolutely in love with pinterest. But I don’t feel bad because I know I’m not the only one. There are so many possibilities and ideas up there. I easily get lost in a world of pinning. I can’t help it. I’m on that thing faithfully everyday before I fall asleep. I love looking at bedroom and sewing room ideas, fashion, how to organize things, recipes, diy and upcycling projects. I especially use it for inspiration. I love pinterest!
2. I sleep naked. Well not naked naked but undies naked. It’s so freeing and cools my body. I have issues sleeping in clothes because when I move or turn over I tend to get stuck in my clothing and blanket. Clothing makes me feel restricted in my bed. Maybe I’ll wear a t-shirt or a nightgown but I’m definitely not wearing pants.
3. Out of the five senses, I couldn’t live without my sight. I’m a very visual person. I love to see things. Actually, I need to see things. That’s how I operate. I live through my eyes. My second would be touch. Even though I seriously love food, I could live without taste. And although I love the smell of Christmas, firewood, and my mom’s cooking, I could live without smell. But I absolutely cannot live without my eyes.
4. I’m actually very shy. I’m not usually the type to walk up to a person and start talking. I have and I’m able to but I sometimes over think things and get nervous to approach people, especially if I don’t have a reason to talk to them. If I’m talking business then by all means that conversation will happen and I’ll probably be the one to initiate it but socially, I’m such a whimp.
5. I love scary movies and comedies. October is my favorite month, not because it’s my birthday month, but because it’s Halloween month. But my birthday does make October beat out December as favorite month by a hair. Anyway, I love being on edge. Scary movies, roller coasters, haunt mazes. I love the adrenaline. I love comedies because I’m a humorous person. I love to laugh. I love making people laugh. Laughter really is the cure for everything.
I’m always open to suggestions about topics! Next post will be September 22nd. 5 Things I Try to Remember to Do Everyday!
Thanks for reading!
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~Kelsey Sherri

5 Random…Fill in the Blank

I’ve come across so many amazing blogs and I’m so entertained by you all. I really want to start giving shoutouts to you guys! Right now, I’m loving allirae21‘s blog. She writes these “5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today” posts and some of her thoughts are hilarious. I look forward to those! You guys should check them out. Here are a few that I’ve read myself.




Through her posts I’ve gotten an idea to post 5 random things about me. I think I’ll make this a biweekly thing. Every other Tuesday, I’ll share 5 random things about me. They’ll all be different categories. Something like 5 things I’m good at, 5 things that make me happy, 5 things that annoy me, etc.. I’m also open to suggestions. I’ll start this Tuesday, (tomorrow). 5 Things About Me You Wouldn’t Know Unless You Asked.

Before I go I wanted to share one of my own thoughts I had today. I had a thought that was, for a lack of a better word, STUPID. I couldn’t resist but to tell you guys about it.

I was watching the weather channel. Actually I was listening to it while I was getting dressed this morning. They were talking about bad hurricanes we’ve had over the past few years, naming them and the date it happened. My thought: they seem to have a lot of bad hurricanes around the same time.5 Random...Fill in the Blank

Duhhh its called hurricane season silly. For someone who doesn’t know about weather and hurricanes, you wouldn’t know that. But I’m from the Caribbean. Every year hurricane season is a worry for my family out there. So for me, that was a stupid thought!

I look forward to writing these 5 fill in the blank posts every other week. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two about myself in the process. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions about what I should write about! Thanks for reading!

~Kelsey Sherri