5 Things That Annoy Me

I’m picking back up my “5 things” blog posts. The last topic I chose was 5 things that annoy me. No intro is needed so let’s dive in.

Unreliable people


b3d6c257505347b241a600822881285eI work in an industry where a lot of what I do requires a team. Multiple people are needed to get photo shoots done, fashion shows, etc.. One thing that annoys me is when someone makes a commitment to me and cancels last minute. It’s ridiculous how inconsiderate people can be. This past November, I was supposed to be planning a small fashion show with 3 models, one makeup artist, one hair stylist, and an assistant to help me with my pop up shop. Would you believe that all of them flaked on me within 24 hours of the show. I had to cancel everything and do the pop up shop by myself. I mean it’s not like I needed help with the pop up shop after all since my attention wasn’t needed with the show again. I’ve been flaked on may times, by friends and people I needed to work with, but I’ve never had an entire cast call out last minute.



I’ve been a commuter since I got my car in September 2012. That’s when I started going to Cal State LA. I drove up the 710 everyday. Now my job is in Culver City. That’s Southern California in case you’re some place outside of this zone. SOmetimes I forget people in other countries are reading my blog! But anyway, I drive about an hour and 15 minutes in the morning to work and an hour and 45 minutes to get back home in the evening. That’s regular traffic. You don’t want to know if an accident is on the freeway. That’s Los Angeles for you! I hate the traffic. I makes me more tired after work than my job does alone. It’s exhausting and there’s no way around it. Trust me. I’ve tried.

Bad Parking


Along with traffic, I HATE when people park like they own the entire parking lot. We have marked lines for your car to fit into. FOLLOW THEM! I’ve also noticed it’s usually the smallest of cars parking in multiple spots. Just to add to the bad parking thing, I hate when people put their trash cans and recycle bins in parking spots. For people who may not understand my frustration with this, let me explain. I live in a city where parking is gold, especially in the evening/night hours. If you see a parking spot, take it. Don’t go down the block and hope to find a closer one. You won’t. And if you do go down the block, chances are there will be none and you’ll swing around for the one you originally saw, and it won’t be there anymore. So that’s why I get frustrated when I see people’s trash cans taking up the space of the block.

Waking Me Up Before My Alarm


Just don’t. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wake me up before my alarm. Actually don’t wake me up at all. UNLESSSSS, the house is on fire, my car is on fire, someone is on fire, or Rihanna wants me to make a gown for her. Those are the ONLY reasons to wake me up. I’m kidding! But seriously, I love sleep, and I already don’t get enough. It automatically makes me grumpy when someone wakes me up and I have time left. The closer you are to my alarm time the grumpier I’ll be. Those last 10 minutes are crucial!



I saved this for last, because it’s the one I’m most passionate about. Everyone who knows me knows I hate waiting. If there ever was a time you kept me waiting, you’ve probably heard something from me about it. I absolutely hate waiting on people. It’s not so much an impatient thing. I’m actually a very patient person. It’s kind of a respect thing like flaking on me. Respect my time. If you make a commitment to a time, stick to it. Don’t have me waiting on you for hours especially without hearing from you and especially if you were rushing me.
Wow writing this post actually made me a little mad. I hope you guys aren’t agitated too. 🙂 Share your frustrations with me. What annoys you? Also if you have any suggestions about future topics, I’m always open to them! Thanks for reading! The next “5 things” post will be on December 29th. 5 Things That Makes Me Happy.
~Kelsey Sherri

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5 thoughts on “5 Things That Annoy Me”

  1. OMG remember when we walked to Stanford Middle School from Poly High because we didn’t want to wait for the bus!? hahaha… I did sense you getting a little mad and I did get a little agitated because I agree with all 5 of those things! LOL.. Can’t wait to see what you write about next!

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