My Christmas Wishlist!


I don’t usually ask for anything for Christmas but there are five things that I really would love to get this year. I definitely don’t expect to get all of these things but one of them would be nice! Here’s my Christmas wish list.


I NEVER know what time it is! My phone is usually close by so I check that, but at work, we aren’t allowed to have our phones out like that. Plus, I’m usually so busy that I don’t even have time to look for my phone to see what time it is. So a watch would be necessary. Also, I have a new love for watches. Styling them at work, I get to see all the different types of watches from different brands. I love them all. I styled the photo of the watches below for Hautelook.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Pimm



I really want a good dress form to drape clothing on. I miss the forms at school. They were sturdy and easy to drape on. Draping is a way of making a pattern for a garment. You fold, tuck, pin, cut, mark, etc. the fabric to form the garment you’re making using the dress form as a base. I have the adjustable dress form, which is great for fitting different sizes, but it’s horrible for draping purposes. It’s very unstable and hard to pin

Tool box

I want a tool box, actually I need a toolbox to keep all my sewing supplies organized and to grab while I’m working and for travel with fashion shows and fittings. I have a box that holds most of my things, but it’s one opening and my needles and pins are always getting lost at the bottom of the container. Anything small will fall to the bottom out of quick reach. A tool box with multiple compartments separates the large items from the small ones and I’ll be able to see my tools easier.img_0421


Ever since I’ve started working at Hautelook, I’ve wanted a steamer. It’s so much faster than an iron; it gets in tough places where there’s pleats and creases that an iron can’t reach; and it doesn’t burn your fabric! Need I say more? Plus a traveled sized one would be great for fashion shows.steamer_cat_hero


I already have a camera, but it’s huge and bulky. I don’t really like to take it places because it’s so heavy and it becomes a bother. So, I use my phone to compensate, but the photo quality on an LG G3 phone is ridiculously terrible! A new camera would be great for my blog as well. I’d be able to take nicer photos for my posts.Pocket-Point-and-Shoot-Cameras

Seems like everything I want are things related to building my brand K. Sherri. I don’t mind though. K. Sherri is my baby! Just like my blog!. : ) If you have no idea what I’m talking about, meet K. Sherri.

Anyway, let me know what you guys want for Christmas this year!

~Kelsey Sherri

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