TreeHut Shea Sugar Scrub Review

This last Christmas 2015 I themed my gifts to “me time” with candles, nail polish, and sugar scrubs. I’ve never used a sugar scrub before but I felt my skin needed some love. So I went back to Target for one of the sugar scrubs I got my friends and family for Christmas. After my first use, I completely fell in love!


My skin looked refreshed and it was soft to touch. Even my hands were softer. I’ve always had hard-ish hands because of the rings and monkey bars in elementary school, not moisturizing in middle school, and softball in high school. But honestly, I just think my hands are naturally harder than the average lady. I don’t have man hands, but they’re not delicate. So when I used the sugar scrub, it was quite shocking feeling how soft my hands were.

I used it on my face and after about 3 uses, once a week or so, my family started noticing an improvement in my complexion. My skin looked softer and hydrated. My intake of water could also be adding to this new even complexion of mine but I know the sugar scrub is working as well!


Tree hut has a handful of scents to choose from. I got mine from Target but I see them in other stores as well.

*This is not a promotional blog post. All comments are my own opinion based on my own experiences.

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