Color your Spring

Winter is almost over and spring is approaching us rapidly. I’m actually excited for spring. I’m not looking forward to the sinus headaches and allergy attacks but I’m looking forward to the colors. Spring symbolizes new beginnings, life, and growth. The flowers start blooming, grass starts growing and the trees become full again. It’s almost like a second New Year celebration.

Spring is a great time to add some color to your lifestyle. Color can easily change your mood whether you realize it or not.  A pop of yellow or green adds life to your surroundings. A blue or lavender pillow adds a touch of calmness to a bedroom or living room. Pastels are also a go to for spring. Right now I’m loving the freshness of lilac. It’s such a versatile color. I see it in hair, on nails, and in the household.



Tell me what you think. Are you loving lilac too? What colors do you like to see and use in spring?

~Kelsey Sherri

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