52 WKC: 9 How Did You Do & Feel

This topic of the challenge, I’m supposed to talk about something I did, how I did, and how I felt about it. As you know, I’ve been on the job hunt. Well, for a full-time with benefits, grown up job in the fashion industry. I’ve had numerous interviews and it’s like fishing to me. I have to present myself in a way to make the interviewer know that I’m good stuff to grab and the interviewer has to present a job to me that I want to keep. They could easily not grab my line and I could also throw it back in the sea. The goal is hook and keep.


I’m the type of person to get a little nervous before interviews but I’m able to calm myself enough to where people can’t tell I’m freaking out inside. There are a few things I’ve noticed within myself that could possibly give away my anxiety. I tend to fiddle with my fingers, bite the insides of my lips and cheeks, and my mouth gets really dry. My nervousness usually goes away once the interview goes on but sometimes I overthink things and my nerves get the best of me.

A few weeks ago, I had an interview with BCBG Max Azria for a position that I knew right away I was capable of doing. It was also something I would enjoy doing at a company I would love to work for. I love BCBG’s aesthetic and I wanted to be apart of that. I knew this position would be the perfect start for me in fashion and a foot in to grow within a company that’s founded by people I idolize as contemporary designers.

I was called in for an interview with the woman who would be the senior to the position I was applying for. I came in and walked into a beautiful lobby with white walls, a long staircase, and photos of different events of the company on the wall. The receptionist gave me a name tag and I took a seat. I waited for my recruiter to call me in and give me a briefing about the position. My hands got to fiddling.

My recruiter called me in and told me about the position. The whole time she was talking I kept thinking, “Oh please just hire me now! This is where I want to be! Where I need to be!” As she was getting ready to wrap up, the woman I was waiting for, my future senior, came in and introduced herself. She was really nice and my spirit clicked with her immediately. I don’t know how she feels about me, but I like her. I made her laugh a few times and I think the interview went well. I was comfortable with her. I didn’t bite my cheeks and my fingers were tamed. Being comfortable with her that soon made me want the position even more. She would be one of the people I work closely with so clicking that quickly would make working together that much easier.

I think I did fairly well on the interview. I tend to do better with in person interviews than over the phone. Even if I don’t get this position, I’m grateful that I was even able to be interviewed and considered. I’m also proud of myself for my progress on interviewing.

UPDATE:I didn’t get the job! Well let me rephrase that. The position I was interviewed for was taken away because the company decided to eliminate the position. I’m guessing something happened within the company and the position wasn’t able to work out again. I’m sad of course because I really wanted that job. I’m ok though because I know in my heart that was a really good interview. I’m still proud of how I handled myself and I’m still excited that I even got the chance to be interviewed at BCBG.

Until next time!

~Kelsey Sherri

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