How I Did My Nails for Easter

It’s Spring time! That means vibrant colors and pastels! This is the time to experiment with your colors. The key to matching colors in any form is to stay within the same level of intensity. How saturated are the colors you’re matching? You wouldn’t necessarily combine a neon green with a pastel purple.  Now you can definitely pair these two together but there would have to be a difference in proportion. Let’s say we’re making a dress for instance. The body of the dress would be the pastel purple and small details like the trim of the neckline or a belt on the dress could be the neon green.  For the purpose of this post I’m assuming your nails are pretty much the same in size. Pair pastels with other pastels, neon colors with neon colors, etc..20160327_180959-01.jpeg



If you don’t know by now, I am so in love with Wet n Wild’s nail polish, especially the megablast. The brush is larger than others and covers more of my nails, which means less strokes and less chance of streaking nail polish. The brush is also curved so it fits the roundness of your nail beds. The polish itself is very smooth and opaque.  Out of all the colors I’ve used so far, I could get away with just one coat and the color is very pigmented. Even with the lighter colors, you don’t really need a layer of white nail polish to bring the color out. If you have darker nails then of course the white underneath will bring out the color more, but you don’t need it.

I don’t have too many Sally Hansen nail polishes. This yellow one here was from a coupon haul my mom and I did a few years ago. I love how pigmented the color is. Just like the Wet n Wild nail polishes, you don’t need the white nail polish underneath to bring out the color. It’s pretty vibrant.

My favorite part of both of these polishes is how fast they dry. I don’t know about you guys, but I hate waiting for my nails to dry. I either forget I just did them or I get impatient and say they’re dry when I know they’re not. With the Wet n Wild and this instant dry Sally Hansen, the polish dries pretty fast.

These are the colors I used for my spring nails.

How I did my Nails for easter

Note: These photo were taken a day after I did my nails and after washing the dishes multiple times and cleaning the house. So, ignore the few chips lol. 🙂


Here are some other color combinations for spring that I found on Pinterest.

How did you do your nails for Easter?

~Kelsey Sherri

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