WKC 7: A Friend

The topic for week 7 is a friend. I’m doing this week’s post waaay out of order because today is my best friend’s birthday!!! So I want to dedicate this post to my best friend Eneti! I’m really so grateful for our relationship. She understands me better than anyone sometimes and she’s always there with encouraging and caring words. I love this girl and appreciate her so much! Don’t start crying Eneti! I know you’re reading this haha. And I’m just getting started! Lol.

So let’s see, it all started back in 7th grade PE class at Stanford Middle School. Haha…I really don’t remember our very first encounter. I mean that was 12 years ago! I do remember we were always together and she came up with my nickname “Vicious” in that class. I’m not even going to get started on why she calls me vicious. And don’t go telling any stories in the comment section Eneti! Haha. My main memories in middle school was going to McDonald’s after school on our short days and we ran in sprinklers after our 8th grade dance.

The Thug Life chose us! Haha this picture is super embarrassing but it shows so much of our personalities lol. Oh high school! Gotta love those 4 years!

We went on to high school together and our friendship grew even stronger. We both had our own lives going on, with my soccer and her student government, but we managed to stay really close friends. We used to “bust missions” everywhere, when walking and catching the bus was our only means of transportation. Man we were in such great shape back then!


After high school I remember going to her going away party and I was so sad! I hid my feelings but I was scared of losing her from the distance and our new lives in college. Thankfully that didn’t happen! We sent birthday cards and a billion text messages to each other. The time flew and next thing I knew I was on a plane travelling to Seattle to watch my best friend walk across the stage to get her degree. Funny thing, exactly one year later to the day, she watched me do the same! Now we both hold a Bachelor’s and are working towards more.


We’re both growing into amazing, hardworking and loving women. I’m so glad I have her in my life! She really is an inspiration to me! She works so hard and has such a bright future. She’s so giving and caring.

Who takes pictures in grocery stores?


Along with our drive for life, we’re both very family oriented. We come from similar backgrounds. Her family is Samoan and mine is Belizean and Bajan. We both grew up with such a strong family presence and some of our cultural beliefs as far as family obligation and respect is so similar. Surprisingly to me, maybe it’s a California thing, but I definitely know it’s a cultural thing,  but a lot of people don’t understand what it means to have a large close knit family and it’s really nice to have someone who understands that kind of household.

Looking back to that little 11 year old girl in PE to the woman she is now, I’m so proud to say she is my best friend for all these years.

218077_10150163168013629_2742213_nContinue to grow Eneti! I’m excited for all the new memories we’ll be creating down the line. Cheers to growing old together and Happy Birthday!!! ❤

~Kelsey Sherri

2 thoughts on “WKC 7: A Friend”

  1. You are seriously the bestest friend anyone could ask for! And I did cry LOL but who wouldn’t?! Can’t believe you dedicated a post to me :’) I feel so special. I love you so much and can’t wait to see all the awesome-ness we get into!

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