Let it Grow!

I’m no hair guru but I’m also not new to the “natural hair” movement. I’ve been natural all my life. I have 4b/4c…mostly 4c hair and it does NOT like to be messed with. My hair has more attitude than me when I’m hungry, sitting in LA traffic in 100 degree weather.

Yes, it’s purple!

Because of this, I wear protective styles most of the time. But while people wear protective styles to grow their hair; I wear protective styles to keep my hair!



When I was in high school I used to religiously go to the salon and get my hair pressed (straightened). Every week I would see less and less of my hair. I would think it was the salon I went to so I would give my hair a break to grow back and switch to another place. Like a cycle, my hair would fall out the second I started pressing it again. One hair stylist told me my hair goes into shock and recommended me to stop putting heat in my hair. Now you know it’s real when a hairstylist who does hair for a living tells you not to press your hair.That wasn’t necessarily a problem for me because I hated that hot comb! I also hated not being able to walk too fast or I’ll sweat my hair out. I hated that no matter what I did and how hard I tried, I would always somehow manage to get the back of my hair wet in the shower. But sweating was the issue since I played soccer and softball. My hair usually lasted a good day and a half. If it rained, that was it! So her telling me I shouldn’t press my hair was not a big deal for me. It was actually good news. I haven’t had heat in my hair for about 5-6 years now and I don’t miss it at all.

Haircut March 2015


You would think I would have long locs by now. Well I did actually get a really short cut last year because I didn’t have time to twist it up every night and I just wanted a new look. But before that, my hair was only just above shoulder length stretched out and it usually stayed that length.




October 2016


Fast forward to now, I got tired of the short cut and I’m starting to grow my hair back out. So I stopped getting the haircut and just let it grow. Which reminds me, I should really schedule a trim! It’s growing though and I’m so excited because I really missed my hair!

What hair products do you guys use to grow your hair? What methods do you take? What are your secrets?

~Kelsey Sherri

*Featured photo: the Quann twin sisters.

Instagrams: @tk_wonder and @ciprianaquann

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