One Year Older, One Year Wiser

Guess what?! Today is my birthday! I’m officially 24! I really don’t know where the time has gone. I feel like I just wrote that post about things I wanted to do before I turn 25 a few months ago. Now I only have one year to complete that list and I didn’t make much headway. If you haven’t read that post, you can see it here.

Before I turn 25, there were eight things I wanted to do: run a 5K, visit to New York, plan another international trip, get healthier, go on a road trip, have a 48 hour adventure, buy a condo, and sky dive. I’ve only done one and a half things on this list. The half comes from getting healthier because that is a constant struggle, especially my birthday weekend. Good bye diet!!

I was able to run the 5k back in April 2015. I did a 5k color run with my best friend and her cousin. That was a fun and interesting experience that I would recommend to everyone. I want to do a mud run next! But that’s a whole other topic.

Since I only have a year to 25, I might need to reconsider a few things on this list. I’ve already planned to skydive for my 25th so that’s taken care of. I’ve also decided to go to Miami for Carnival for my 25th next year so I might switch out the New York trip for Miami. It’s still a trip and I could add New York to a before 30 list. 🙂

As far as buying a condo, let’s be real, that might need to be on the before 30 list as well. I’m thinking an apartment will be just fine until I’m really financially stable enough for a condo. I don’t want to rush that and there is a lot that goes into owning one.

I haven’t gone on any road trips this year but I’m pretty sure this will happen before I’m 25. I don’t know where I’ll go or when it’ll happen but I know it will happen, even if that means spontaneously leaving in the middle of the night. The international trip will most likely happen as well. As long as I can afford it, I’ll be going to Belize for Independence Day or I’ll make a trip to Dominica to visit my best friend. She’s out there for med school right now. Shout out to you girl! I’m so proud of you!! But I’m hopeful one of the two or both will happen this following year.

I can’t believe I’m 24. I know some people are reading this thinking, “Man, I remember when I was 24. I was doing this and that…” I’ve gotten that all weekend. I know I’m not old to say but it sure does hit you hard when you realize you complain about your back pain more and more every day. I can only imagine what 25 feels like. Ha!!

Happy birthday to me!!

~Kelsey Sherri

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