HBO’s New Relatable Show: Insecure

This week I saw a video on Facebook about a new show that came out this October on HBO. It was a trailer for a show called Insecure. I couldn’t help but feel an instant connection to this show. Maybe it’s because the lead character is a black woman with natural hair and she’s a bit awkward. Or maybe it’s because she’s a black woman working in White America. Or it’s because she’s a tad bit insecure about where she is in life. Whatever the reason, I was drawn to this character and show is because it seems so relatable to me.


Issa Rae

I noticed in the comments section under the Facebook video, someone said the lead actress Issa Rae “finally has her own show on TV.” I took interest in this woman, got on Google, and researched the mess out of her.awkwardblackgirl Apparently she has a YouTube channel and was pretty successful. She even wrote, produced, and acted in a YouTube series called Awkward Black Girl.  Let me tell you, this show is HILARIOUS and like HBO’s Insecure, it’s extremely relatable!!


Awkward Black Girl (ABG) is a show about a young black woman awkwardly living her life, working a dead end job and figuring out love. I binge watched both seasons of ABG on YouTube and I’m sad to say the series is over. But I do see some references and similarities to ABG in her new show Insecure.

Insecure premiered on HBO October 9th and airs Sundays at 10:30pm . issa-rae-posterI don’t even have HBO so I have to figure out another way to watch it. But this is a show I have to watch!

~Kelsey Sherri

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