Think Your Phone Needs a Factory Reset? Here’s What You Need to Do!

These past few days has seriously tested my patience with my phone. I have an LG G3. I know some of you may think it’s a dinosaur phone now with how fast these companies spit out the latest gadget, but where I come from, if it ain’t broke, don’t to fix it. In this case this phone is ridiculously “broken” to the point where I would never get an LG phone again.lgg3-phone

I don’t want to bash the company. LG is a really innovative company with many branches outside of their cell phones. But coming from a Samsung Galaxy 3 to an LG G3 was a big difference. I’m not going to compare the phones. I mean, there really is no comparison. Aside from the new explosion of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung makes really great phones.

Anyway, my LG phone loves to freeze on me especially when I need it the most. The battery dies rapidly and sometimes it just gets over life and shuts off. Sometimes it’s really over life and doesn’t turn back on.


So this time I got Kanye fed up and reset that phone back to factory settings. Best and worst thing I could have done!! Seems like the phone is ok now but only time will tell.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking of resetting your phone, lgg3-phone-factory-reset-wait

let me advise you on some things before you take that step and it’ll save you a little headache for after. I’m specifically speaking about my experiences with an LG G3 phone and a PC laptop. If you have another phone or you’re using a mac, take whatever information you can. Some things are still general and can still apply to you.

Before you reset your phone you want to backup everything. When I say everything I MEAN EVERYTHING!!!! Even if you think it’s saved to your Gmail account or a cloud or something, sit down and transfer everything either to your laptop, desktop, hard drive or if you’re comfortable with your cloud services then go ahead and do that. Just make sure your files are on a separate device from the phone.


If you’re like me, you take pictures of everything!! A lot of time goes into that, right? So take a little more time to save them. There are a few ways to do this. You can connect your phone to your laptop/desktop and transfer your files that way. Or you can email them to yourself or use a cloud services. I used my Google Drive account for this. I made different folders and uploaded my photos from my phone into the correct folders on my Google Drive account using the Google Drive App on my phone. I had my Google Drive account open on my laptop and was able to see the photos upload instantly. All of these methods may take a while depending on how many photos you have. Just leave your phone on while the photos are transferring and hope it doesn’t shut down on you. Keep track of the progress in case it does shut down.


If you have music on your phone that you downloaded and want to keep, you should do the same thing and save them to your laptop or desktop. For my music I usually connect my phone to my laptop. I look through the files to find my music on the phone and transfer it into a folder on my computer. You can copy and paste them or drag them into the folder. Sometimes there are multiple folders on your phone that holds the music. It all depends on how your phone saves and categorizes its files.



This is where I made my mistake! This is where my new headache began. It’s like going to the car shop. You fix one thing and another thing pops up. If you haven’t noticed by now, I love Google! They have everything you can think of and can be used in every way you can think of. So naturally, I save my contacts to my Gmail account. Every contact I added was added to my Gmail contacts list so that any device I link it to will have all my contacts and I don’t ever have to worry about losing them. Or so I thought!! Well turns out I was saving them to my Gmail account, but I never synced it! I turned off the “sync automatically” option because it kills the battery, but it never crossed my mind to sync everything like my contacts and calendar and not just my email. Don’t be like me. Sync your contacts! Sync it all!! Especially before you do a factory reset! If you’re still worried like I am now, go ahead and crank out that old school handy dandy phone book and physically write down the information. Better safe than sorry!

So now my phone seems to be doing better which is great!! But, I lost all of my contacts and I feel so disconnected to the world haha. It’s not even like I talked to everyone in my contact list but just the thought that I could was soothing I guess.

Now that you’ve backup everything, oh wait, one more thing…


Before you factory reset, go ahead and write down the names of the apps you use frequently so you can download them again. This is optional. Google has a great way of keeping everything together. There is a list of all the apps you’ve ever downloaded across all your devices connected to that Gmail in your app store. That’s great because I didn’t write down which apps I use and need. You would think you use these apps everyday and would remember them but as I was going through that list, there were a handful I forgot about. But this is an optional step thanks to Google being so awesome.

At this time I think you’re ready to factory rest. Don’t hold that against me if you’re not! I am not a phone expert and I am speaking from my own personal experience. I am not taking responsibility for your choice to press the buttons to reset. So whatever you do to your phone after reading this post is on you. Just putting that out there. 😛


But if you reset, and you find that something wasn’t right or something was missing after that I didn’t warn you about or mention, please please comment below and let the rest of us know! I would probably have my contacts if I read somewhere to make sure I synced my Google account lol. So feel free to let us know your experiences below!

In case you need it, these were the instructions I used to factory reset my phone.

  1. Turn off your LG G3.
  2. Press Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.
  3. The LG logo will be displayed; at the point release only the power button.
  4. Immediately press power key again until the factory reset menu if displayed.
  5. Use Volume Down to navigate to Yes
  6. Press Power to confirm
  7. You should now see the Erase All User Data and Restore Default Settings screen
  8. Navigate to Yes with the Volume Down button
  9. Press Power to confirm

Here’s a video for a visual.

Your phone will do what it does and will ask you to re-enter your Gmail account information and customize your phone. You will need to re-download your apps and change the settings like your ringtones and alerts etc. back to the way you want it.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

~Kelsey Sherri