Road Trippin’

Hey guys!

I’ve been fortunate to be able to come from an adventurous family who travels a lot. I’ve been traveling from before I was out the womb. Growing up my parents used to take me and my sister everywhere. We’d go on numerous road trips, flights, and we’ve even been on a cruise. I’ve visited a few countries and got to experience life outside of Southern California.

As you may already know, my family is from the Caribbean and I grew up heavy in both cultures. So staying in California wasn’t a “thing” for our household. I’ve never “not” had a passport. I talk to my friends and people I know and it amazes me how little people travel. They tell me it’s too expensive or they don’t see the point. But if you spent that $500 you spent on shoes and bought a plane ticket, you might see it’s not all that crazy expensive to travel. It’s all about where and how you spend your money. Now I understand if you’re living check to check, but if you have disposable income, even a little, save it for a trip once in awhile. It’s worth it!

Another thing I’ve been fortunate to experience is commuting. My parents have been commuters for as long as I’ve been alive. Being a commuter, you get used to driving for hours and the fact that we’re in LA county, we get that lovely traffic everyone talks about. It’s a bittersweet thing! I’ve learned how to deal with sitting and driving in traffic because I’ve been in it all my life. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve continued in my parents footsteps as a commuter. It seems to just work out that way. I commuted everyday throughout my undergrad and every job I’ve worked so far has had a commute of at least an hour drive. The bad part is, the jobs aren’t even all that far. They usually range between 18-25 miles. That would normally be a 20-30 minute drive with no traffic.LA Traffic

Back in my Before 25 post, I mentioned I wanted to do another road trip. I haven’t done a coast to coast trip yet, but I did manage to get in a trip from LA to Sacramento and two mini road tips to Solvang and San Diego all in the beginning of this year. Some people wouldn’t be able to handle that.

I’m thankful I come from a family of drivers and travelers. That’s something I’m going to pass down to my kids and hopefully they’ll do the same.

Until next time!

~Kelsey Sherri

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