Why is it so hard to say what you really feel? Is it the fear of believing in something you once thought was truth? Could it be the uncertainty of not knowing the response? The possibility it might not go as you planned? Why can’t you just say it? Say how you feel, what you feel.

They’re only words. But they’re not. They’re heavy. Words with a lot of meaning. Each one individually means nothing but together it’s everything.

I. Me. That’s it. It stands alone but whole. Singular. One. Love. The depths of the unknown. It hurts. It’s intangible yet we feel the unbearable pressure against our chest suffocating our minds. You. Only you. A whole by itself. The one I want. At least I think. Thought.

They’re words so hard to put together. Why? Maybe it’s too late. Maybe it’s not real. Maybe it’s fantasy. Are you my fantasy? Fantasy isn’t reality. Maybe that’s why it hurts. Maybe that’s why it’s hard.

These words.

Put them together.

What do you get?

~Kelsey Sherri

Words Poem Red Rose

Written April 22, 2017

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