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Could I be Addicted?

My days have been bombarded with phone calls, emails, texts, and anything else involving my phone. I got to thinking. My gosh! Am I becoming one of those people I complain about? Am I becoming the guy who can’t hold a conversation with you because the one on his phone is more important? Or am I becoming the girl who bumps into poles because her eyes are buried between her left and right thumbs? I’m always the one to tell people put down your phone for a minute and unplug yourself from electronics. Focus on life in front of you. Ironic, I know, coming from a person who has just about every social media there is out there and writes a blog. I’m just saying this new me who is always on the phone is different from what I’m used to and I’m not sure I like it.

So, let’s set the record straight. I’m not on the phone 24/7 and I promise that about 94% of my time I spend tapping and scrolling is for business. My time on Instagram is spent searching for models, photographers, make up and hair stylists. I’ll like a picture or two in the process, but I’m mostly working. My time on Facebook is for replying to all the messages I get from people who want to collaborate on something. I’ll post a selfie every now and then but honestly, even my reposts are work related. When I say work, I partly mean work that is related to growing my brand and name as a stylist and designer.

It’s a more than full-time job. It’s constant and non-stop. I even had to buy extra batteries because my phone can’t keep up with my new lifestyle. I’ve never been on my phone as much as I have in the past five months, especially this last month. The crazy part is, as much as I’m on my phone, I still can’t respond to messages right away. I would get a text in the middle of setting up a meeting, read it, go back to setting up the meeting and forget to respond to the other message I read. One thing I’m happy about is having a Bluetooth! I can drive and talk, text and talk, search and talk. It makes multitasking on the phone so much easier.

Speaking of driving, I think one day, you know, after I have successfully launched my business, I will eventually invest in getting a driver! About two weeks ago, I got a ride with my partner and her boyfriend (who also occasionally works with us) drove us to a meeting we were going to about 25 minutes away. The amount of work we got done in those 25 minutes in the car was amazing! I got to send emails, texts, and messages all while still arriving to my destination. I see why every successful person has a driver. It just makes the most sense!

I’ve become so involved in my phone and I’m not really sure how to feel about that. It’s great on one end because that means I’m very busy and growing in fashion. I’m building relationships with important people and I’m making moves. But on the other hand, it takes away from “me” time, friends time, family time. There are moments when I do take my phone off for an hour or two to get a break from the scrolling and texting. But I end up hopping on my laptop and start going through blogs and Facebook. I’m addicted. There I said it. I’m addicted and I think I’m justifying my addiction to work and social media because I’m trying to make a name for myself.

I mean after all, you don’t get to the top by sleeping.

Kelsey Sherri

52 WKC: 9 How Did You Do & Feel

This topic of the challenge, I’m supposed to talk about something I did, how I did, and how I felt about it. As you know, I’ve been on the job hunt. Well, for a full-time with benefits, grown up job in the fashion industry. I’ve had numerous interviews and it’s like fishing to me. I have to present myself in a way to make the interviewer know that I’m good stuff to grab and the interviewer has to present a job to me that I want to keep. They could easily not grab my line and I could also throw it back in the sea. The goal is hook and keep.


I’m the type of person to get a little nervous before interviews but I’m able to calm myself enough to where people can’t tell I’m freaking out inside. There are a few things Continue reading 52 WKC: 9 How Did You Do & Feel

Color your Spring

Winter is almost over and spring is approaching us rapidly. I’m actually excited for spring. I’m not looking forward to the sinus headaches and allergy attacks but I’m looking forward to the colors. Spring symbolizes Continue reading Color your Spring

Complete the Look with Beautiful Nails!

Valentine’s day checklist:

  1. Outfit: Check
  2. Hair: Check
  3. Makeup: Check
  4. Nails: Oops!
Let’s talk nail polish!

Continue reading Complete the Look with Beautiful Nails!

Dressing Up for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!! Do you have plans with that special someone? Do you have your jaw dropping outfit ready? Whether you’re single or with someone, why not use Valentine’s day to dress up and feel beautiful?

Keep it classy and simple for Valentine’s day with a soft pink, rose gold, and black outfit! Be affordable and sexy for your night out!

Shop this look!

Valentines day outfit

Be bold, classy, and sexy for Valentine’s day with this red dress and a snake skin embossed clutch!
Valentines day outfit 2.jpg

There are other beautiful dresses linked to this look. Check them out here!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

~Kelsey Sherri ❤


Naming The Blog

Please take a second to vote for your favorite name below! I’ll be making a decision tomorrow! Thank you all! I really appreciate your help!

~Kelsey Sherri

A Black & Silver January

I’ve been obsessed with black and silver nails this January. Maybe I’ve been carrying out the new year color palate but black is so chic and silver just pairs so nicely. I haven’t been too creative with my nails since high school. Frankly, I just don’t have the time like I did back then to experiment. So my nails are just plain black and my ring fingers are silver. I used Wet n Wild’s Metallica and Black Crème, both are in the Wildshine collection.

You can get these for $1 at Walgreens, CVS, Target and any where that carries Wet n Wild products.

Here are some cool black and silver ideas I found on Pinterest.

~Kelsey Sherri

I Need Help Naming My Blog!

Good morning everyone. I’ve been thinking, I need a name for my blog. Right now, it’s just my first and middle name, but I don’t think I want my name in the title anymore. That’s where you guys come in. I need help coming up with a new name!

So far my blog has been a lifestyle blog talking about fashion, food, travel, and my life in the fashion industry. I’m not sure what other topics I would be talking about but I think those will always be the main ones. I guess it’s geared towards fashion, but that’s not all it is. It’s about life after college, figuring things out, and transitioning to an adult while trying to become successful.  Obviously, I need your help!

Please, if you have any ideas, comment below. You can email me your ideas too! Kelseysherri@gmail.com

Also, I’m curious, how did you guys come up with the name for your blog?

Thanks in advance! I look forward to seeing what you guy come up with.

~Kelsey Sherri


5 Things That Make Me Happy


My family has always been a big part of my life. They’re always there for me and vise versa. I don’t know what I would do without them, especially my parents. They’ve given me the opportunities to be who I am today. They taught me things and understand my growth, supporting me and encouraging me. I am forever grateful for my parents and family.

Making People Laugh

I’d like to think I’m a pretty funny person, only because that’s what people tell me. The joy I get from hearing someone’s laughter is so heartwarming. I’m not really a pranker. I’m more of a crack jokes type of person. And if were really cool and understanding with each other, we might occasionally have a hilarious roast session.


They say money doesn’t buy you happiness, but I say BS! Now obviously too much money might not necessarily be a good thing. I couldn’t imagine winning the lottery. I would never want that amount of money in one lump sum. You know what, I think I’m going to write about why I wouldn’t want to win the lottery. I’m just saying having money to spend without worrying if you’re going to make rent that month is way more appealing. It’s the way you spend the money that makes you happy. Well, makes me happy. If I had the money to splurge, I would buy my parents a house. I would make sure they don’t have to worry about a thing. They could retire now if they wanted to. I would travel the world with my sister and friends, etc. There are endless possibilities when you have the money. My first thought wouldn’t be to spend $4,000 on a purse, it would be meaningful and memorable.

My career

I guess this ties in well with money. My career makes me so happy. Growing and seeing my progress is so exciting. I enjoy everything art related from museums to painting, writing, this blog, to obviously designing and styling. I love it all. The coolest part of it all is seeing what I can come up with and seeing it come to life. Seeing people wearing my clothing is always an overwhelmingly joyful event, especially when people are complimenting it/me. I’ll never forget my first photoshoot with my fall 2015 collection. I wanted to cry of joy! Check out the photos here.

Being adventurous

There’s so much to see, so many places to go and so many people to meet. I love a random adventure. My friends always tell me about having blankets and a chair in my trunk. But you never know. One day I could be coming home from work and decide to keep going down that 405 to San Diego. I’ll need a change of clothes right? Oh wait, I already have an overnight bag in my trunk. No problem! I’m always up for an adventure, hiking, road trips, getting lost. Let’s do it!

What makes you happy?

Previously: 5 Things That Annoy Me

~Kelsey Sherri

Casual Christmas

This Christmas, I went to my aunt’s house on my dad’s side. It was a very chill and relaxed environment so I dressed extremely casual and comfortable. No dress or heels. Oh I know! I did wear red though. It was a bit windy Christmas day, but the sun was out pretty bright. So, there wasn’t really a need for a jacket at 2:30 in the afternoon. This is our winter in Southern California. 🙂


Top: Ashley Stewart

Black Jeans and shoes: Ross

Purse: DD’s

Watch: Christmas gift


~Kelsey Sherri

Dressing up for the Holidays

Christmas is only two more days away! Do you know what you’re going to wear to your dinner party yet? I found a few cute ideas for Christmas outfits on Pinterest. You can never go wrong with a flattering dress, or a skirt and cute top with a pair of heels.
Red is a great color to wear for Christmas parties. Pair this dress with gold accessories and a gold heel and you will surely turn heads.
Lace is always great for the holidays. Pair your lace dress with simpler jewelry and heels or booties.
Maroon is also a great color for the holidays. Let that be your pop of color in your outfit.
Pair the maroon sweater and tulle skirt with the green strap heels for a more holiday look. If you are in colder climates, a suede forest green pump would work as well.
Shades of red, green, tan, and black are great go-to colors for your holiday outfits. Show me your holiday outfits! I want to see what you’re wearing!
~Kelsey Sherri

My Christmas Wishlist!


I don’t usually ask for anything for Christmas but there are five things that I really would love to get this year. I definitely don’t expect to get all of these things but one of them would be nice! Here’s my Christmas wish list.


I NEVER know what time it is! My phone is usually close by so I check that, but at work, we aren’t allowed to have our phones out like that. Plus, I’m usually so busy that I don’t even have time to look for my phone to see what time it is. So a watch would be necessary. Also, I have a new love for watches. Styling them at work, I get to see all the different types of watches from different brands. I love them all. I styled the photo of the watches below for Hautelook.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Pimm



I really want a good dress form to drape clothing on. I miss the forms at school. They were sturdy and easy to drape on. Draping is a way of making a pattern for a garment. You fold, tuck, pin, cut, mark, etc. the fabric to form the garment you’re making using the dress form as a base. I have the adjustable dress form, which is great for fitting different sizes, but it’s horrible for draping purposes. It’s very unstable and hard to pin on.fashion-dress-forms

Tool box

I want a tool box, actually I need a toolbox to keep all my sewing supplies organized and to grab while I’m working and for travel with fashion shows and fittings. I have a box that holds most of my things, but it’s one opening and my needles and pins are always getting lost at the bottom of the container. Anything small will fall to the bottom out of quick reach. A tool box with multiple compartments separates the large items from the small ones and I’ll be able to see my tools easier.img_0421


Ever since I’ve started working at Hautelook, I’ve wanted a steamer. It’s so much faster than an iron; it gets in tough places where there’s pleats and creases that an iron can’t reach; and it doesn’t burn your fabric! Need I say more? Plus a traveled sized one would be great for fashion shows.steamer_cat_hero


I already have a camera, but it’s huge and bulky. I don’t really like to take it places because it’s so heavy and it becomes a bother. So, I use my phone to compensate, but the photo quality on an LG G3 phone is ridiculously terrible! A new camera would be great for my blog as well. I’d be able to take nicer photos for my posts.Pocket-Point-and-Shoot-Cameras

Seems like everything I want are things related to building my brand K. Sherri. I don’t mind though. K. Sherri is my baby! Just like my blog!. : ) If you have no idea what I’m talking about, meet K. Sherri. www.ksherri.com

Anyway, let me know what you guys want for Christmas this year!

~Kelsey Sherri

I’m Back!!


Hi guys! I know I’ve been MIA for the longest with everything aside from work these past few weeks, but I’ve been thinking about you guys and writing this whole time! It killed me that I couldn’t write and now I’m getting to the point where I need to just set aside time, stick to it, and write. The reason I went MIA is because I got a new job. Working 40+ hours a week is a new concept to me and it took a little while to find some balance.
Before I got this job I had so much down time to do things like writing and sewing but now, I’m just so tired from working so hard and driving so long in traffic that I don’t have the energy to do anything but sleep when I get home. That’s another story in itself! I think I’m figuring it out better though. Each week gets a little easier on me.
I’ll write another post about what I’ve been up to these past few weeks and my new job! Since I’m on my lunch break and I don’t really need a nap today, I figured I’d start writing a “I’m still here post!” I see that you guys are still visiting my site and I really appreciate the love! From now on, every chance I get to write, I’ll write. I’ll also start scheduling the posts so that if I end up writing 4 posts in one seating, I can spread them out over the week.  But I’m back with lots of stories to tell! I’m excited to write them and I hope you’ll enjoy them.
~Kelsey Sherri

My World of Fashion

Sometimes I wish there were five of me. I get myself so busy that I think about getting an assistant. But am I really assistant status yet? When do you know you’re busy enough or worthy of an assistant. I’d like to think I’m a humble person and I really don’t like asking for help, so I think I’d have to be pulling out my hair before I actually admit and allow myself to get help. I’m not complaining though. I LOVE what I’m doing. I love being a part of things, planning and working towards something.

Right now, I’m spending my days planning a fashion show with Juslisten TV that will be held at Cal State Long Beach in mid October. I’m also planning a photoshoot with them. On the other hand I’m planning a photoshoot and walk through with a classmate of mine. We are building a foundation for ourselves and promoting ourselves as designers.My World of Fashion

Last week, I signed up with an agency in Santa Monica for styling jobs, designing jobs, and event planning jobs. As busy as I am, I still really need a steady income.

But these photoshoots!! I’m so excited!!  They are going to be epic! I’ll keep you all updated on that. In the meantime, I will be sending out emails to models, makeup artists, hair stylist, and photographers for my upcoming shoots and shows. If any of you are interested or know someone who would be and are in Los Angeles County, feel free to contact me. Thanks!
~ Kelsey Sherri

Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted

Hi everyone. I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning in the end of summer. My closet is too full of clothing I don’t use, haven’t used, and can’t use. I wanted to do a garage sale but I’m not sure how to go about it. Then I remembered someone telling me a while ago that they sell and buy used clothes through apps on their phone. So I went to google and did a little research. I’m giving it a try guys.Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted

I have listings on two apps, Poshmark and Vinted, only because I’m new to this and don’t know which one gets the most traffic. So far I’ve noticed they are pretty similar. They both have an instagram feel to it. Square shared photos with a following, commenting, liking, and sharing platform. But I’ve noticed on Poshmark, you gain a lot of followers quickly but on Vinted you get more favorites (likes). I’ve only had my account for two days and so far the only action I’ve gotten on Poshmark is followers. Maybe my photos aren’t good enough or my descriptions aren’t adequate, but somehow I’m still getting followers. Tell me. Are my photos bad? I even made a backdrop out of an old curtain! Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. VintedOn Vinted I made my first sale, which is more important to me than followers on these app. A few other things…

1. Navigation

I like the layout of Vinted more than Poshmark. It’s easy to navigate and gives you the option to upload your listing on the computer, a feature Poshmark so desperately needs. I get that it’s supposed to be convenient working from your phone, but there are some things that just needs to be done on a computer with a keyboard and larger screen.

Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted

2. Labels
I’ve noticed Poshmark is a little more geared towards name brands: Coach, Chanel, Michael Kors etc.. Which isn’t a bad thing, unless you don’t have many name brands to sell. This could be why I’m not getting too much attention on Poshmark. A lot of my clothing I’m selling aren’t from high labels. Vinted doesn’t discriminate. They have everything up there. Companies I wouldn’t expect to be up there are listed and if some rear case it’s not, you can physically type it in or choose to list without the name of the label.

Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted

3. Pricing

I must say the one thing I absolutely love about both Poshmark and Vinted is the pricing. Yes these are used goods but you are the one making the choice to buy or walk away. As I mentioned before there are many name bands on these sites and they are dirt cheap! Why hasn’t anyone introduced this way of shopping to me before? I’m so new to thrifting! And I think I found a new love! I mean who could pass up a $40 Michael Kors bag? Who cares if it was last season! It’s $40! And the shoes! Oh the shoes! Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell, Jimmy Choo! Oh no! This may be the start of a shopping spree!
Both of these sites have this pros and cons, but they definitely opened my eyes to a new way of shopping. These sites would actually be beneficial to building my styling career as well. That’s always a plus.

Shop My Closet: Poshmark vs. Vinted If you guys want to “shop my closet” or even if you just want to be nosey feel free! I would greatly appreciate it!
Click on the name for the corresponding closet: Vinted and Poshmark. Or if you already have the app or want to visit through your phone, my name is @kelseysherri


~Kelsey Sherri


It’s been a little over a month since I’ve graduated already. Boy where does the time go? So far, I’ve made a few dresses, styled a photo shoot, planned a few more photo shoots, and took on a collaboration project with a classmate/friend from CSULA. It’s been exciting but I’m really missing some structure and desperately needing a steady income. Welcome to adulthood!

Every day so far has been my own schedule and I’m itching for routine. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE being my own boss. Waking up and working at 3am because I randomly got inspiration from a dream. Taking a nap because I decided to stay up late. And did I mention, I don’t have to look decent ALL the time. Ironic coming from a clothing designer. I know! But, I do feel the need to learn from someone with more experience and wisdom. So, I’ll be sending out resumes in hopes of a reply. I have a lot to offer, and there’s a lot I want to learn. I just need that person to take me under their wing!

~Kelsey Sherri

About Me

DSC03472If you asked me four years ago what I would be doing after graduation, I would have said applying to hospitals as an RN. Four years later, I’m graduating as a fashion designer. I’ve always known that this industry was where I wanted to be, but I was a little hesitant coming from a Caribbean family of nurses. Now that I’m in the field, I know that I made the right decision for me.
Right now, I am working as a freelancer, designing evening gowns and contemporary wear through my brand, K. Sherri. I will be collaborating with other designers and artists for upcoming side projects and I want to work with/under a designer to observe and absorb their talent and strengthen my skills.

~ Kelsey Sherri