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Dear Grandma,

Dear Grandma,

I dreamt about you the other night. The dream was so real and vivid I can still remember it. I remember it as if it really happened. I remember you as if you were still here.

We were in a JcPenney type store. I saw you by the dress shoes in the distance. My pace increased towards you, walking through chairs and shoes on the floor and passing my Aunts, only stopping briefly to give them a hug. My eyes were still on you. I got closer and saw you were wearing a black ¾ sleeved dress with a scalloped neckline and an A-line skirt. It was the dress I wore to your funeral. You had a side part showing your salt and pepper roots. The rest of you brown curly hair was slicked to the back in a silver sparkly clip. You were turned away and bending down, leaning on the chair next to you, looking at the shoes on your feet. I couldn’t believe it was you.

I saw my mom next to you. She was looking for something. Maybe another shoe for you to try. I asked her, “Is that Grandma? Is she really here?” Even in my dream I processed you passed away. She didn’t turn around, instead you did. You turned around and faced me. You put your hands on my shoulders and I could feel the weight. You looked me in my eyes and I looked back in disbelief. I saw your squishy cheeks, your wrinkles I loved so much, your brown skin, your light brown eyes. You answered me, “No darling, I just come visit you in your dream.” Then your brown face turned ashen gray and lost all of its color. You disappeared into the air. As your hands left my shoulders, everything started to spin. My body was unbalanced. All I could see was the store’s red carpet, people’s feet, and the brown metal legs of the chairs, the chair you were once leaning on. I fell forward into the fetal position, bawling, but no sound came out. I held my stomach screaming but no one heard.

I woke up shortly after, breathing rapidly and feeling uneasy. I cried. I was confused. What was that? You were sooo real! I just saw you and now you’re gone. Again.

This is my second dream I had about you since you passed away last month. You didn’t talk in the first dream. It was only your presence. This dream was different. You talked and it’s what you said that gets me. You told me you were visiting me in my dream. Did you really come to me or is this my mind? Did I just communicate with you? Are you communicating with me? Did you really come visit me in my dream?

Either way, I’m glad I saw you so vividly. So alive and happy. I miss you Grandma and I hope you know!

Love your granddaughter,


Grandma Photoshop


Why is it so hard to say what you really feel? Is it the fear of believing in something you once thought was truth? Could it be the uncertainty of not knowing the response? The possibility it might not go as you planned? Why can’t you just say it? Say how you feel, what you feel.

They’re only words. But they’re not. They’re heavy. Words with a lot of meaning. Each one individually means nothing but together it’s everything.

I. Me. That’s it. It stands alone but whole. Singular. One. Love. The depths of the unknown. It hurts. It’s intangible yet we feel the unbearable pressure against our chest suffocating our minds. You. Only you. A whole by itself. The one I want. At least I think. Thought.

They’re words so hard to put together. Why? Maybe it’s too late. Maybe it’s not real. Maybe it’s fantasy. Are you my fantasy? Fantasy isn’t reality. Maybe that’s why it hurts. Maybe that’s why it’s hard.

These words.

Put them together.

What do you get?

~Kelsey Sherri

Words Poem Red Rose

Written April 22, 2017

52 WKC: Five Things You Like About You

Remember that 52 week challenge I started back in January 2016? Well I obviously failed! OOPS! Like I said in New Seasons There are still 3 months left in the year. I guess it’s a new year now so 12 months! It’s scary how fast time moves. Anyway, I want to hop back into it. Seriously this time!

This week (10) was “Five Things You Like About You.” My challenge with this topic isn’t about writing about myself. The challenge comes from trying to compliment myself without coming across as a conceited person. Hopefully my humbleness will be present in my tone. I wouldn’t want you to take my confidence as arrogance. But seriously, how can this post not sound a little conceited?

Let’s see. What do I like about myself? Personality wise or physical? Let’s start with personality.



I’d like to think I’m a funny person. I mean people laugh when I crack jokes. What if they’re actually laughing at me? Oh well. At least they’re laughing. I talked about how much I love to make people laugh in my 5 Things That Make Me Happy post. I think the ability to make other people laugh is a good quality to have.


I think I was born a nurturing person. It could be how I was raised or it could be my natural temperament. Babies and children always gravitate to me. I love kids though. My original career I was going after was nursing and I wanted to work in a nursery or on a Labor and Delivery unit. I got the chance to intern at a hospital and fell in love with the babies. Even when they cry, they’re so precious to me. I think kids can sense that in me and they always want to play when they’re around me. It’s not just a baby/child thing either. People come up to me and just talk. They tell me their stories and troubles. When someone is down I’m usually the one to bring them back up.


I like how driven I am. I see something and I work towards it. I have goals and I envision things a certain way. I try to do at least one productive thing a day. If I do more then hey. Go Kelsey! But at least one is my minimum. And that goes for anything as far as writing a blog post, reading a how-to business guide, or tackling a project. There’s always little things you can do to work towards your goals.



I have my mom’s eyes. I just like how big they are and the shape of them. A thin line of eyeliner on the lower lid really emphasizes the shape of my eyes and I noticed that’s when I get the most compliments.


The other physical trait I like on me is my smile. I think I have a nice smile and I always get complimented on it. Slap a smile on my face with some eyeliner on my eyes and the guys melt. Haha just kidding!! Kinda…

I guess it’s nice to look at yourself as a whole and compliment what you like. I know personally I tend to be my worse critic so being able to appreciate myself is a nice distraction. I challenge you to do the same. Look at yourself in the mirror and think about all the things that make you, you. What is it that you love about yourself? And if you happen to write a blog post about it, I’d love to read it!!

❤ ❤ ❤

~Kelsey Sherri

Dressing Up for Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

~Kelsey Sherri ❤


5 Things That Scare Me

Driving Up Hills

I’m so scared of driving up hills. I have a ‘98 Toyota Camry and I probably need new tires, but every time I drive up a hill, my tires scream at me like I’m crazy. Sometimes Charlie my car just sits there screaming at me for climbing up a hill. This only happens if I stop on a steep hill and I have to keep climbing. Now when I’m driving straight up without having to stop, I can feel the strain. I just hope that we make it up the hill. Yes, I probably need to flush my engine and get an oil change, but let’s be real. Even with that, my car is old and I’d probably still be scared. I’d say it’s in pretty good shape, but remember 1998 was 18 years ago. That’s 40 in car years lol. I’m scared Charlie will get mad at me and roll back down. But so far, he just screams at me.

Losing Someone Close To Me

My family has been very fortunate to not have lost too many people. And because of that, I am extremely scared to lose someone. I know it happens and it will eventually happen, but I can’t handle it. Just writing about it makes my heart heavy. Last year was the first time I’ve experienced grief. My grandpa on my mom’s side passed away from cancer. It was a long battle and we all knew it was coming but it was all new to me. New to my cousins. New to my family. We lost someone close and there is no amount of preparation for that. Since my grandpa’s passing, I’ve noticed my fear of losing a family member (mom, dad, sister, etc.) has deepened. I try not to think/talk about it because I instantly start to cry.

Closed Confined Places

Ok I wouldn’t consider myself claustrophobic but I could easily freak out if I think about being in tight places for too long. Let’s take an airplane for example. I’m not scared to fly. I’ll get on a plane right now. But if I think about being in the air for so long with no actual fresh air, breathing in people’s farts and morning breath, not being able to walk outside, sitting in one position for so long and standing up to a ceiling that’s not that high freaks me out a bit. Then there’s the part of knowing you’re 10,000ft in the air with nothing but land or ocean below you. Oh my! Sorry if you’re reading this in an airport lol. You’ll be fine and enjoy your trip!


I’m so scared of falling sick. I’m scared of these super diseases. They’re getting stronger and more powerful. We’re always hearing about some new virus that such and such. I want to talk about STDs though. It’s scary how common STI’s/STD’s are and how many different kinds! Some are curable, thankfully. But there are some that aren’t curable, that’s the scary part. What’s even scarier is that you can be as cautious as possible but there are some STD’s/STI’s that you can catch even if you’re being careful! When I say careful, I mean wearing condoms and checking your partner. Your partner may not even know they have something. That’s why it’s so important to get regularly tested for EVERYTHING anyway. Even then sometimes false negatives occur and people can be a carrier of something without showing signs or symptoms. It’s so scary. Honestly, just thinking about it is the best birth control, sex control, everything control!!


I’m scared of failure. I’m scared that I may be dreaming too big and I’ll jump and fall flat on my face. How do you know if your dreams are too big? Or unrealistic? Do you find out after you fail? I’m not scared enough to quit though. I refuse to quit. I try to redirect my thinking because your thoughts follow you. I watched this documentary in high school and it changed my life. It’s called The Secret. It’s on Netflix and Amazon. It’s pretty much about the Law of Attraction. What you surround yourself with, the people, your thoughts, will attract the things that happen in your life, the people you meet, and the way you feel. So anytime I start having these doubtful or negative thoughts, I redirect my thinking to something positive. After watching this documentary and seeing how true it is from my own experiences, I always tell people to speak things into existence. It works. It’s the Law of Attraction. You guys should watch it and tell me what you think.

What scares you guys?

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~Kelsey Sherri

52WKC: 3 Family

Before I jump into things, I’ve created this naming system for my 52 week challenge posts: 52WKC: week # & topic for that week. I figured, week 1, week 2 etc. would get a little confusing and seeing 52 week challenge would get annoying. So here it is 52WKC: 3 Family.

This week I’m supposed to talk about my family. If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a pretty family oriented person. I’m all about family and I’ve been blessed to have a family who is all about me. Well you know, not about me only, but they’re always there for me. I have an amazing support system, from my parents and sister to my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and football team amount of cousins. I want to post pictures of us but I better not. Not everyone wants to be on the internet like that. Lol.

My family is huge and we are all so close. Both sides of my family are pretty close to each other. We all look out for each other and take care of each other. We obviously have family issues sometimes, I mean every single long term relationship will have issues, especially if you’re close and care about each other. But aside from that we always bounce back to the close knit family we are.

Last Week: 52WKC: 2 Spouse/ Significant Other

~Kelsey Sherri

52WKC: 2 Spouse/ Significant Other

Before I jump into things, I’ve created this naming system for my 52 week challenge posts: 52WKC: week # & topic for that week. I figured, week 1, week 2 etc. would get a little confusing and seeing 52 week challenge would get annoying. So here it is 52WKC: 2 Spouse/ Significant Other.

This week for my 52 week challenge, I’m supposed to be talking about a spouse or significant other. Well, I don’t have either at the moment. So what should I talk about? I guess right now my significant other is my work. But I’d rather not talk about being married to my career. I could talk about my exs. Ummm, let’s NOT. Marriage? Marriage.

When I was a kid, I used to dream about falling in love, my wedding, and living happily ever after. Let’s face it, I grew up with disney movies like Cinderella and The Little Mermaid. This fairytale life was embedded in me from childhood. I used to plan out my life: fall in love in my early 20s, get married around 24/25, and start having little babies around 26/27 and be done by 30. Well, I’m 23, single, with no interests. So much for planning. Ah well. I guess I didn’t take into account my own mindset at this age.

Now that I’m 23, I can’t imagine myself being married by next year. There’s so much I want to do still before marriage as a single woman, and later as a couple before we get married. There are stages to these things and I don’t want to rush them. Even if I do meet a guy, I can’t see myself married by next year, and I really can’t see myself having kids in the next 2! Silly me! What kind of plan was I trying to make?

Who knows what’ll happen. Maybe love finds me sooner than I’m anticipating. I mean, I’m still sort of a hopeless romantic. If it happens, it happens. It would be nice to have a significant other to share all these experiences with, but I still have way more living to do as an unwedded woman.

So cupid, as much as I may complain during the holidays and on valentine’s day about not having that special someone yet, I mean give me a break, I was a 90’s kid growing up with nothing but love stories, please save that little arrow for a little while.

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~Kelsey Sherri