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Could I be Addicted?

My days have been bombarded with phone calls, emails, texts, and anything else involving my phone. I got to thinking. My gosh! Am I becoming one of those people I complain about? Am I becoming the guy who can’t hold a conversation with you because the one on his phone is more important? Or am I becoming the girl who bumps into poles because her eyes are buried between her left and right thumbs? I’m always the one to tell people put down your phone for a minute and unplug yourself from electronics. Focus on life in front of you. Ironic, I know, coming from a person who has just about every social media there is out there and writes a blog. I’m just saying this new me who is always on the phone is different from what I’m used to and I’m not sure I like it.

So, let’s set the record straight. I’m not on the phone 24/7 and I promise that about 94% of my time I spend tapping and scrolling is for business. My time on Instagram is spent searching for models, photographers, make up and hair stylists. I’ll like a picture or two in the process, but I’m mostly working. My time on Facebook is for replying to all the messages I get from people who want to collaborate on something. I’ll post a selfie every now and then but honestly, even my reposts are work related. When I say work, I partly mean work that is related to growing my brand and name as a stylist and designer.

It’s a more than full-time job. It’s constant and non-stop. I even had to buy extra batteries because my phone can’t keep up with my new lifestyle. I’ve never been on my phone as much as I have in the past five months, especially this last month. The crazy part is, as much as I’m on my phone, I still can’t respond to messages right away. I would get a text in the middle of setting up a meeting, read it, go back to setting up the meeting and forget to respond to the other message I read. One thing I’m happy about is having a Bluetooth! I can drive and talk, text and talk, search and talk. It makes multitasking on the phone so much easier.

Speaking of driving, I think one day, you know, after I have successfully launched my business, I will eventually invest in getting a driver! About two weeks ago, I got a ride with my partner and her boyfriend (who also occasionally works with us) drove us to a meeting we were going to about 25 minutes away. The amount of work we got done in those 25 minutes in the car was amazing! I got to send emails, texts, and messages all while still arriving to my destination. I see why every successful person has a driver. It just makes the most sense!

I’ve become so involved in my phone and I’m not really sure how to feel about that. It’s great on one end because that means I’m very busy and growing in fashion. I’m building relationships with important people and I’m making moves. But on the other hand, it takes away from “me” time, friends time, family time. There are moments when I do take my phone off for an hour or two to get a break from the scrolling and texting. But I end up hopping on my laptop and start going through blogs and Facebook. I’m addicted. There I said it. I’m addicted and I think I’m justifying my addiction to work and social media because I’m trying to make a name for myself.

I mean after all, you don’t get to the top by sleeping.

Kelsey Sherri

Hello…It’s Me…

I was wondering…ok I’ll stop!

I couldn’t resist! Did you sing the title when you read it? Lol

How is your January treating you? I hope you’re all doing well and accomplishing your goals! I hope you’re all keeping up with those resolutions! Tell me what have you guys been up to?

I’m still here job hunting again. My temp position has ended. Sadly! But, I’m optimistic about the future! I see great things and it’s only a matter of time before I reach them.

I’ve been busy applying for jobs again and working on myself professionally. Have you guys heard of this live streaming app called Periscope? It’s linked to Twitter and to me, it’s pretty much like a Snapchat story with no time limits. People can view your scope live and comment as you video. I made one the other day and studied how people use it. It’s been very interesting and actually might turn into another addiction of mine. Womp womp. Oh well.

Oh speaking of, I started reading a book guys! A physical, turn the pages, fiction, novel. I tend to only read things online: blogs, news articles, etc. but it’s been a while since I sat down and read a physical book. The book I’m reading is a comedy, of course. But that’s all I’ll say for now. So far so good.

Where was I? Oh right! Periscope. So, I made an account. I haven’t streamed anything yet. I’m waiting until after I change up this hairstyle and get my eyebrows done. I can’t afford to scare people on my first post! Until then, I’ll be watching these hilarious posts from people all over the world.

If you guys have a Periscope or any social media, go ahead and follow me. I’ll follow back!

Periscope: @kelseeeyybby

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~Kelsey Sherri